Shipping company python project error

Hi there,

I was working on the shipping company python project as part of the control flow exercise. I have been getting everything right until when i came to the final step to get a cost comparison between three different methods. I’ve been trying various methods and still couldn’t solve where was the error. I am attaching the snip of my coding.

It would be helpful if anyone could point me in the right direction to do this.


The message'float object is not callable' is saying that you named a float using parentheses like this: 5.6(). The interpreter thinks you are trying to call a float as a function, hence the “not callable.” As I recall from that exercise, the premium_ground_shipping object is a fixed float, 125.0, not dependent upon weight, so perhaps premium_ground_shipping(weight) is the culprit?

Sorry for the delay.

Yes! Exactly! Sorted! Thanks so much!