can you plz explain me shifting i am not getting it:
what's happening in here:
0b000001 << 2 == 0b000100 (1 << 2 = 4)


Please include a link to the exercise with your question. Thanks.

bin(0b1 << 2) == 0b100

1 << 2 == 4

Like decimal integers, binary integers never have leading zeros.

0b1 << 1 == 0b10
0b10 << 1 == 0b100

A shift of the bit (or bits as a whole) to the left doubles its value.


It's not any exercise specific questiuon ,i have completed this bitwise but i didn't understand:
Slide to the Left! Slide to the Right!
what does the expresion in bracket mean ?0b000100(1<<2=4)
what is shifting : does it mean if i shift two places to right: the right most number will replace number at 2nd possition
I know my question is not precise sory for that,plz explain me shifting


The shift takes place on the entire number.

123 << 1 == 246

The bit configuration is unchanged, but for the added zero in the lower order bit.

>>> bin(123)
>>> bin(123 << 1)


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