Shift Career to Application Developer After 18 Months of code studying with full time job!

Hi guys! I would like to share with you good news I succeeded to shift career and I landed my first job as an application developer! I have started learning web dev 18 months ago it took me a bit longer as I work a full-time job and I have a family to take care of it! I was studying 2 to 3 hours a day after work, I just followed online courses on w3schools Udemy, Codepen and Codecademy, which is my preferred platform! And I’m still learning every day! The key to success is persistence and patience. Also, learn to believe in yourself and dont get panic while doing an interview! Just show curiosity and willingness to learn. Be confident even if you don’t know the answer! Keep learning and practicing! You will get there! Good luck.

Quick update since I receive a lot of questions related to the learning process and job application.

I have a senior level in admin work and customer service BUT my technical background is a beginner.

  1. I have almost 12 years of professional work I have done a lot of different jobs in different fields and in different locations in Egypt, Golf countries, and Europe.

  2. I had 7 full-time jobs within my years of experiences in CS, Technical support, Finance, online booking, and the medical sector so I have made a lot of interviews it could be hundreds of interviews that one of my points of strength to prepare for the interview and search for employers profile and read the job description to use vocabularies matches with the role and that sound comfort for recruiter and hiring manager.

  3. When you are doing an interview, take the initiative to talk about the good subject before starting the fight that way you melt the ice with the recruiter and create a good atmosphere (don’t talk too much I have been rejected once they said to me you talking too much.

  4. To start Web Dev it’s ok to spend some time jumping between online learning sites. Take your time to discover the languages. Start with easy ones like HTML and CSS then read about SEO, and how the web works. When you feel tired and can’t focus on coding, read articles.

  1. Create an account on GitHub and Codepen and download VS studio even if you are not comfortable with it at the beginning but it’ll give you an overview of coding on your own.

  2. Start learning JavaScript and read about AJAX. Try to understand how functions works and scope extra!

  3. Learn SQL for the database because a lot of companies use SQL, then move to MongoDB if you’ve got the time!

  4. Learn WEB Responsiveness how you make your website compatible and works with different devices.

  5. I have used w3schools to start learning its a great site to start then move to Stackoverflow to see how experienced Devs code and debug. Buy beginner level on Udemy for JavaScript and follow it! My preferred learning platform is Codecademy create account PRO and start learning while doing small projects!

  6. Create a portfolio and create some basic web pages on Codepen and Github to add to your CV!
    What i have mentioned above is just the beginning to step in the field and I’m not that experienced Dev to design your learning path! I just share how I do and see things and could this right or wrong and its personal point of view !

  7. Use Indeed and LinkedIn and create your profile and set your jobs alert then you ll receive a daily job notifications then apply!

  8. ITS ALL ABOUT TIME AND CHANCE since you are not fit for the job 100% keep hope and patience IT WILL COME IN TIME!

  9. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME PLEASE! you won’t sleep go sleep 10 hours BUT study 5 hours then!

  10. BE SMART if you work a full-time job and you’ve got a family to take care of! Keep a balance between work family and study!

  11. DONT WAIT FOR ANYONE TO MOTIVATE YOU if you believe in yourself don’t worry you will make it you will hear people around you demotivate you ITS OK we are humans USE THIS NEGATIVE WORDS TO MAKE YOU ON FIRE AND KEEP CALM SMILE AND YOU DONT NEED TO EXPLAIN your goals!


  13. follow and subscribe on some youtube channels like Motivation Madness Andy Sterkowitz Chris sean

I hope that I made it clear a little for you guys and you could be agreed or not finally everyone has his own path and way to see things

Thank you and wish you the best of luck!