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Wasn’t able to get help via email can someone help? I see where the command line is shell on my Mac computer however I would like to opened up a dir inside the nano but I am not familiar with navigating through the files … that doesn’t allow me to go back I click on the file in the dir which don’t opened.

You can navigate to a directory by typing an ls command to see all the files and directories.
ls -l will give you a more descriptive/longer listing of the file system. Then you can navigate to the directory and files you want to using cd <dir name goes here>:
cd cats



Thank you very much :blush: !. I am trying to remove a dir but i’m getting this error message , zsh: parse error near `\n’ any suggestions?

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Oh, be careful about removing directories. Make sure you really want to do that. Maybe just delete some of the contents first(?) or do some research on deleting directories.

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Okay I will I shared another post about my parent dir being (Shared) have you seen it ? if you did how would you rectify same?

Perhaps this will help?

To save a file in nano, type, CTRL+O <<<<that's a capital letter O, not a zero
To exit the editor, it’s CTRL+ X

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