Sharing my version for Colmar University project

Hi everyone -

Finished the final project of the Codecademy “Learn How to Build Websites” course which I did as initial introduction into the world of coding.

You can find my version here:

GitHub Pages:

Happy to receive your feedback!

One big question that remains is also included in the README.TXT file. It is about sizing pictures and videos beyond its original dimensions. E.g. if a picture is 1000px wide and you scale your window beyond that dimension it stops increasing in size even if the flex-box itself continues to grow. I now solved the problem by increasing the image dimensions but I am pretty sure there is a better way. If you know of one: would love to learn!

Thank you and happy coding!

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That is looking very good. I like how you did the view for mobile.

If you ever want to expend on the project:
There is not a lot of feedback for the user if they for example hover over something that could be clicked. All you get is the mouse that becomes a hand.

Did you know you can apply specific css on elements by adding a :hover selector to it ? Here is some documentation on it.

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Thank you for your feedback. Good suggestion to make it a bit more interactive, will incorporate that in the next version!