Sharing first project

I enjoyed the project. It was challenging for me but I think I got through it. It was my first time using plots.


The code itself looks good, I only have one recommendation there which is to round the insurance charges and BMI info to 2 decimal points, and round the average age to the nearest integer for easier readability. The remainder of feedback I have is regarding plot visuals for the first two plots.

  1. The first plot’s purpose is a bit unclear. What were you aiming to capture with the average age line with regards to the insurance charges?

  2. “Smokers vs Non Smokers Average Charges and Difference” plot. I recommend removing the “avg increase in charges” from the plot as a data point. The visual difference between the average charges for smokers vs non-smokers along with your printed data analysis of the information will clearly convey the analysis.

Overall it’s looking good. Keep at it! :slight_smile:

@marcus1mt looks quite impressive. Keep up the good work.

I did not use any graphs (not there yet), looks very basic compared to yours. I come from a programming background so I am still thinking like a programmer rather than a Data Analyst :slight_smile:

Here is the link if you would like to have a look: pub/data-analytics/python/Portfolio project - US Medical Insurance at main · SakthiPillai/pub · GitHub