Shared stylesheet.css not allowing my top navigation bar to work

Him I am new here and could really use some help- Ive been trying to improve and simplify my website, and tried using a stylesheet for the css codes to clean up each of my pages without having to retype all the head section data on every page.
I am trying to use a stylesheet.css on my website- and the coding is all written correctly, however, on my website, I have a Top navigation menu bar that allows our members to jump to any portion of our site
and if i put the css code on each web page, it works fine, but if i put the css in the head section of the stylesheet.css, it stops working and only lists the menu options and they are not functional…
does anyone know how to use a stylesheet.css when using a navigating menubar? or why it isnt working?

Any information at all would be greatly helpful

May I please see your code? I can’t really diagnose the problem from your description.

Can you link with a repository or gist with your code?

not sure how to send the code- it wont let me post it here -it says only able to attach 2 links- but the code contains alot of formatted stuff but its reading it as links apparently…

it says new users cannot upload files

helppppppppppppp lol

Try pasting your code here, then. Be sure to format it (you can find more about formatting your code here):

How do I format code in my posts? - FAQ / Codecademy FAQ - Codecademy Forums