Share your Goal 🎯


I’ve been trying to get into coding basically my whole life. I kept giving up because I did not see immediate results. Recently, however, my entire life was uprooted, which forced me to put things into perspective. For me, it’s less “learning how to code” and more learning how to learn anything. With this new paradigm shift, I am truthfully learning patience.

Best wishes to all of you! Take care!

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Hi I am starting the 30 Day Challenge. I want to learn Python and SQL and I am going to spend at least 25 minutes per day on each one.

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Hello guys, my name is Azamat, I’m from Uzbekistan.

Nowadays, I’m learning Business Intelligence Data Analysis. I want to be a professional programmer in the Data science sphere. Currently, I’m practicing with python, i really like this language.

Hi everyone, my goal is to code everyday at least 30 minutes for the next 30 days. :space_invader: and my overall goal for the next 3 months is to finish the frontend developer course on codecademy :nerd_face: :woman_technologist:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :peacock:

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