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I’ve been trying to get into coding basically my whole life. I kept giving up because I did not see immediate results. Recently, however, my entire life was uprooted, which forced me to put things into perspective. For me, it’s less “learning how to code” and more learning how to learn anything. With this new paradigm shift, I am truthfully learning patience.

Best wishes to all of you! Take care!


Hi I am starting the 30 Day Challenge. I want to learn Python and SQL and I am going to spend at least 25 minutes per day on each one.


Hello guys, my name is Azamat, I’m from Uzbekistan.

Nowadays, I’m learning Business Intelligence Data Analysis. I want to be a professional programmer in the Data science sphere. Currently, I’m practicing with python, i really like this language.

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Hi everyone, my goal is to code everyday at least 30 minutes for the next 30 days. :space_invader: and my overall goal for the next 3 months is to finish the frontend developer course on codecademy :nerd_face: :woman_technologist:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :peacock:



I am currently taking the JavaScript course on LaunchSchool. LS has links that sent me to Codecademy which I am very grateful for. I have just signed on for the 30 day challenge in hopes that I can wrap my head around this better. I have some basic understanding of JS but there are definitely some things that I need to spend more time on. I am hoping by committing to this challenge I will be able to cement more of this into my brain and be a bit more focused on my learning. Right now I feel as though my brain is all over the place.

What’s up everyone, I hope you’re all good on this beautiful Sunday!

I’m Mike, I currently run my own marketing and advertising agency based worldwide. I’m from the UK, but live in Cambodia with my business partner. We have full time staff across the world and try to really make a difference when it comes to working conditions when western countries hire talent from outside of their country, especially staff from SE Asia. We’ve all heard the ‘just hire someone cheap from Asia its easy’.

We’re changing that at the moment by providing tens of thousands of dollars worth of training to our employees which span across Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, USA and me… the UK :smiley: The next step will be to build academies in these countries and make sure communities with less support are given a chance to learn up to date, high quality education and tools.

The business is at a point where I’m able to step back a bit and everything doesn’t fall apart. Problem is, I can’t not be doing something, I have been diagnosed adult ADHD (onset ADHD or something like that). But I think I’ve had this my entire life, however, I used to have to be busy playing computer games or getting drunk, or trying to become an ultra marathon runner (yeah a weird mix as I did actually run an ultra marathon, get drunk and became a semi pro player on Halo 5).

Anyway, since I can remember I’ve loved two things: computers & tech and network security (hacking). BUT when I realized I hated my job over 6 years ago, I realized it was really easy to make money online by carrying out services for people online. This evolved into a multi 7 figure business and self voted top 5% of digital ADVERTISERS. I’m 34, the world is rapidly changing and I have a gut feeling marketing services is going to slowly crash and burn due to AI, I’m even breaking down jobs within the industry and showing people how they can do it themselves with practically no skills and do a job that would take a day, in 15 minutes.

Incomes following my two original passions but now with age, confidence, experience, money and as always determined (I don’t like to lose against myself) - (vs anyone else it’s fine). So I’m brushing up on my Python skills and will be taking the AI and Machine Learning career path PLUS learning and getting a load of certs in networking, cyber security (I only have 2 CompTIA+ certs listed so far).

GOAL: No real goal, except I’ll have a beautiful backup if I do decide to switch career OR I have thought of creating a cyber security agency, specializing in working with AI Companies - essentially a future proof business.

I love communities and networks and they greatly impacted my career in business and marketing so copy and paste into a different industry, and it’s got a high % of working. Anyone in SE Asia, would love to meet up so I can annoy you with loads of questions (joking I can help you with anything business related). Which brings me onto my last point, I’ve looked at thousands of CVs and hired around 100 people throughout my entire career so if you’d like any help with anything around thatm let me know, I’m always up for helping out, I even block a cluster in my diary for it!

Hello world! (would seem the perfect greeting here.)

I have just started my codecademy journey. My goal is basically a career change, and as I have been working in a job totally unrelated to coding, I am staring from scratch. I have commited to studying a minimum of 2 hours of coding, 5 days every week, but I am obviously allowed to do more aswell. I dont feel there is much to say yet, as I am not entirely sure where to focus my attention when it comes to the spesific career I want. Starting out with the basics, then probably learning Python as my first language. And thats about it for now. Wish me luck =)

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I am working on a career shift. I recently applied for a degree program in applied statistics, and I am working on improving the skills I will need for the program. I know for sure I will need some experience with Python and R, so I have started practicing.

My goals for the next 30 days are to spend at least 15 minutes per day coding and to complete the Learn Python 3 and Learn R courses. I also hope to work toward a Skill Path certificate.

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My goal is complete a full-stuck engineer career path on Codecademy and see what I am capable of. For now, it seems to me something impossible :smiley: I want to change it. Let’s go, I wish all of you success and good luck! :saluting_face:


Kia Ora! Exploring the world of code. Exciting to be learning and potentially move into a new career field. Be awesome to connect with others on the same journey.

Hey everyone! My name is Jaz, and I am excited to take on this 30 Day Coding Challenge.

My goal in the next 30 Days is to create a professional portfolio website and to have at least one high-quality portfolio project hosted on it.


Goal: Refresh my Spring skills. Prepare for Spring certification courses.
Plan: Use Free and Pro tier classes to practice and memorize.

My goal for the next 30 days is to consistently set aside some time each day to work on the data science pathway. I am hoping it will help me develop better study habits and maintain them in the long run!

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Hi there,

This is Oscar here. I am currently just starting learning python and I loved it so much that I would love to learn more.
I have a full-time job in the afternoon, so I wake up around 6am everyday to learn how to code. I am very happy to have decided to focus on a full-stack path so that I can change careers.
Glad to study together you guys!

hi im new here and id like to nowe how this plas werks

Hi all!

I am currently a high school Spanish teacher who has been looking for a shift in career. I love the creative and multi-lingual aspects of my job so figuring out how this could transition into a new career led me to front end engineering. I am currently completing the front end pro career path in the hopes of being ready to apply to a position at the end of this school year!