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In 30 days I am looking towards finished the Python3 course and moving on to some the more intermediate topics in python.

Hello Anisha! I live in Austria too. I’m a literature graduate, but I’d also like to explore alternative venues and I started learning Python.

It’s a very different world from eh humanities, I can tell you. But somehow it’s also a lot more structured and, in a way, easy to figure out.

I hope your 30-day challenge went well and I would love to talk more if you are interested!

I just started the 30 day challenge and i’m looking to finish the Python3 course so I can gain basic language profiency. I currently work in Marketing and i’m looking to dive more into data analytics/data science. My goal of learning Python is to help me analyze data on a whole new scale. Good luck everyone!

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I want to get a new career. My goal is to get a job an offer a web developer in two months. I have been part of Codecademy for 8 months now so I hope to get there soon.

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practice makes perfect you know, just keep practicing and you wont forget. Goodluck

love and light. I hope you succeed

I am in Serbia right now. My wife is from here! She loves Graz. We are going to Hallstatt next month! Good luck with everything!

My goal in the next 30 days is to complete the Web Development Course

hi! my current goal is to learn hooks & states in react. once I’ve figured that out, i’m starting the typescript course.

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my goal is to complete JS

Hey everyone!
my goal for the next 30 days is to really get to grips with javascript fundamentals by doing the learn javascript course everyday! I’m also trying to learn react JS lets see how it goes!
Good luck to everyone also on this journey! :hugs:

I did this challenge a while back and I’ve decided to give it another go as I’ve been struggling lately to complete my courses. I have earned some certificates recently but I really want o have a better understanding of Web Development and Data Management. So I’m going to code each day and I’m hoping to continue until I have a certificate in each. And ideally this is done in a timely manner.


Learning as much as I can is a web/front-end developer, I am beginning my course on JavaScript, but the opportunities are endless. I’m psyched! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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I wish you strength, perseverance, and joy with this challenge and I hope you are keeping up with it.


Same as well. Well done.

My goal is to learn to make software which people are interested in!


I started my 30-Day Challenge on January 6th. I completed Python 3 this week. I am also doing Data Analyst career path. So far I’ve completed 15% of that course. My goal is to complete 25% of the course by the end of the 30 day challenge and start Intermediate Python 3. How’s everyone doing?

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Everyone having their personal life and their personal goals, I’m having my own Goal i.e. success in my business field. And I want to see my son is also becoming successful in his life with the help of code aca demy.

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i want to land a decent paying job eventually, as a web developer or computer engineer, i need the money to finance personal industries

I’ve started a Data Scientist: Natural Language Processing Career Path and want to learn consistently every day. Even if on some days I manage to learn for 20 minutes, it is better than nothing. I am starting a new job as a computer linguist on the 1st of March and I want to use spare time to get fit in this area. I wish you all perserverence and dont’t forget to enjoy learning new things every day!

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