Share your Goal 🎯

Hi there. It’s gonna be long and boring, just skip this.

That’s the first time I am thinking of a goal with programming, but let’s make a first sketch and some introspection.

I am ashamed of having waited for so long, at first because I was is a not stimulating environment, working as a mechanic, then I finally started studying english two years ago. Last years I focused on learning Dutch, so that I can try to integrate in society where I am living now.

3 months ago I threw myself into a course ‘introduction to programming’ with the university of Toronto. A great course, wery well explained and at the right speed. I loved it, I loved playing with python because it makes so much sense, I mean it’s logic, it’s complex and jet so easy to understand and use. It gave me a great satisfaction. It opened a door and made me hungry for more.

What is my goal? What do I want to do with it?
I guess in the short term mastering python,
In the middle term learning other related subjects,
In the long term making the step at work from production to engineering.

I regret having waited untill now, I am 24, to start strudying. But I also know that I wasn’t ready before. I had to do a long path before reaching this beginning.

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My goal is to crush the HTML and CSS portion of the full stack path and start the Javascript portion. I currently work as a team lead for a service desk and would like to jump to the engineering world after working in client-side support for four years.

I’m fortunate to work with system and software engineers daily, and my lack of programming and scripting knowledge is what I believe is holding me back from moving over to the “dark side.” This will be the start of me narrowing the knowledge gap to achieve my goal.

my goal is too get the ball rolling with this 30 day challenge and hopefully get into a programming career sometime next year!!

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My name is Ritesh Maurya and I want to be a good frontend developer i learn HTML, CSS and currently I am learning JavaScript.

Hello. I have been studying courses at Codecademy for 3 months now. I studied HTML and CSS courses. Then I studied JavaScript and Python 3 courses. However, I know the theory of JavaScript and Python 3 by heart, but I have some difficulties in practice.

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Hey Codecademy Community!

My goal of these 30 days is becoming knowledgable of the entire Programming industry.
I want to understand the exact path I want to go with coding.
Therefore, I will find a course that helps me to understand deeper the path of Python I want to continue as a job career.

If anybody has some advices for me or feels compelled please feel free to reach out to me and write under the comment.

In the meantime, I will continue with my Python 3 Programming.

Let me know if you are also learning the language.

I would be happy to help you and support you on your way as much as I can.


Becoming a UI designer and front-end developer, and leaving my job at Amazon.



I currently work in sales for a tech company and I have been very interested in learning how to code for years and now I have finally taken the plunge

Although I am not looking to change career paths (never say never) I do think knowing how to code could help me in the future, as I intend to continue working in the tech industry, and having programming as a skillset never hurt anybody.

For the next 30 days, I intend to deepen my knowledge of python. However, this initial challenge is just the starting point and I intend to take the journey until I feel confident as a full-stack developer would. Mainly to work on side projects and fulfill my passion for new technology and understanding how everything works.

Quote for anyone needing encouragement including me :upside_down_face: 'Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right!"

Hello World!

Looking to brush up my skills and get back into the IT industry after taking time out.


Good evening!

I just recently came back to Codecademy and stepped on the pedal of honing my Front-End skills closer to the industry standards.

I’ve been working full-time as a Front-End Developer/Designer, mainly focusing on working around websites and simple eCommerce sites. The Deal is, in our small company we’ve fell off the wagon with following what we’d call a modern web development. My tools of trade as a Front-End guy are pretty much limited to HTML/CSS/JS - and it sucks! There is only so much one can master during almost 8 years of employment, with a very stubborn CMS that doesn’t even follow the current HTML semantics.

My interests are pretty focused on getting more in-depth with React, being able to build something from scratch without following a guide of some sort… but I’ve also dipped my feet in some Laravel, whilst peeking curiously towards Vue and Angular.

What comes to this 30-Day Challenge, I am determined to work through the Front-End Engineer skill path AND work with at least one or two projects of my own (depending how soon I reach the confidence to start building something with React). Wish me luck!

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Wanting to learn a new skill that will open up some new doors. I don’t have any coding background but want to start learning anything that will help me get into any cloud / data scientist or data analyst job. My goal is to devote 30 mins daily to an hour in studying/practicing. Hopefully I’ll have a lot more knowledge in 30 days and in a year from today.

Any tips or advice on how to get there?

I’m looking for a career change. I am looking to get into Data Science, but I’m not sure which branch I want to complete in the Data Science program.

In the next 30 days, my goal is to spend 3 hours each week on Codecademy, progressing through the courses and narrowing down which path to finish.

Opinions on which path to finish with are welcome!

I am Felix am a UI/UX Designer that wants to alter the careerpath. Therefore I currently learn coding. I am doing the Pro Front End Dev Path and I am currently at 19%. By the end of this challenge I want to be at 40% and have JavaScript revised.

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Would you be willing to share (over messaging) how you became a UX/UI designer. That’s the field I want to go into. Specifically, I want to focus on UI design.

Good luck with JavaScript!!

Hello. I’m a Psychology student looking to use up some of my free time by getting ahead in the whole data science and statistics side of things. Hoping to do as much of a data scientist career path as I can in the next 30 days.


Hello from Austria to everyone!
I just started my journey on Codecademy. I am a history graduate, but I want to switch to the IT sector. I did a few courses on Python, XML, HTML and CSS at my university, but apart from that I have no technical education, which might make things harder for me. I am currently making up my mind if I should focus on data science or web development, but I am really not sure which would be the better option for me. Since I couldn’t decide, I just started the course on Python to see, how much I already know and how I’ll be able to manage, as the course advances.
So if anyone has any tipps or experience on switching from humanities to coding to share, I would be very grateful.
For the 30 days challenge, I want to decide on which pro path I want to follow and of course finish the Python course.

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i am a Teen Programmer, I know Javascript, C# and basic python! I am a Full-stack dev but I prefer Back-End develoment.
I have got 2 years of experience and I am always gaining more. I am using tools like Git, Netlify and Firebase all the time.
I would love to be part of you team.
See you soon!

For the challenge I think I am gonna expand my C# knowledge with a custom Teminal (not gigantic, basic function)

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Hi. Learning to code has been in the back of my mind for quite some time, but I’ve never given it a fair shake. So, here I am. I’d like to see if making a career change from project management to coding is really what I want to do. My goal is practice at least a few minutes every day (ideally longer) and see what’s possible and what piques my interest.

Goal: rekindle my coding relationship
I studied Computer Science in college and let my skills atrophy, only learning and maintaining the specific skills needed for each job I’ve taken on. I’m experiencing burnout and boredom, and want to get back to the fun discovery parts of coding that got me interested in the first place.