Share your Goal 🎯

My goal is to get a job as a MERN stack developer this year. I am here learning the following: Create an Advanced Web App with React and Redux Skill Path. I will also review single courses about REACT and MERN stack. I hope we can help one another.

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I’ve already gone through the basics of HTML, CSS and managed to finish Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts project yesterday. And that’s after 10 days instead of 30. I think I got really carried away :sweat_smile:
My goal for the remaining 20 days is to deepen my knowledge of what I passed and get to Fundamentals of Web Design and pass it.

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Hello everyone, i plan to code 30 min everyday for the coming 30 days #letsdoit! #community

Hello, 39 year old career shifter. I live in South Florida. I have no experience what so ever. I have been in sales, marketing, and account management for the last 20 years of my career. I am unemployed/freelancing right now. I wanted to make the most use of this time that I am not working a 9-5 to change my path. I did not think I would be so interested in code. I just wanted to work in an industry that had the most growth and the most income potential. I learned that i can satisfy the creative side of my brain.
I am currently learning HTML, CSS, Java and my focus is Front End. I am interested in UX, Cybersecurity, App creation, Data Science, and Data Analyst. I am consuming so much content and immersing myself in the culture of it all. Self-teaching can be very isolating and i know i need a community in this industry.
Thanks for reading. Reach out if you want. I would love to connect to with like-minded people.



I am a 42 year old career shifter (at least thinking about it). I live in Knoxville, TN. I work in the field of research of sustainable architecture (the building kind). Long story why I am shifting but I am optimistic to see where this journey will take me!

I dabbled in some front-end dev pre-covid with some other students but that was interrupted. Feels like I wasted 2020-21 and I am finally back! I missed it so much. Starting fresh; currently on the front-end eng. path (~8%).

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Morning from Norway :slight_smile:

I’m 32 and working on getting a career shift after 7 years working in sales at an electronics chain :crossed_fingers:

Trying to learn as much Java as possible before Wednesday as I have an interview for a job that will include a 3 month intensive program in Java and a guaranteed full time job as a junior programmer when I fininsh the 12 weeks training. I don’t have the time or finances for a 3 year study at the local university so I think this is a good way to learn and get experience.

After the first interview last week they said what was working the most against me was that I had no prior knowledge of programming at all, and so didn’t know really what I was getting myself into. So I’ve been working on getting through the Java Beginner course so I know a bit what it is about :smiley:

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Hi everyone,

I’m 42 and have learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am currently building an application to support my work as a life balance coach. My short term goal (next 30 days) is to program, code, and learn for 1-3 hours every day in order to build a better foundation for my understanding of each of the forementioned languages. In 6 months, I want to have a foundation for backend development and to have completed my first site using these tools. Wishing everyone, the best of luck on their journeys!! :pray:t5: :pray:t5:


I just finished my 30-day challenge today :tada:
The habit of programming every day did not weigh me down.
Sometimes I was able to devote half an hour a day, sometimes 3-4 hours.
I was able not to skip a single day and fully achieved my goal. :dart:
During this time, the front-end career path was 18% complete, which is 8 full sections.
I will try to work at the same tempo continuing on :woman_technologist:t2:


Good luck with your goal.

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I have a pretty simple goal, but it is harder.

I just want my normal life back. I had a group of friends, we were all happy. But they replaced me now. I am all alone. Working to become a programmer and have a job. I want to learn Game Developement, and probably work for a big company. I have started a few weeks ago. Quited smoking, no fap, started running everyday, hit the gym, read, learn code and so on. It’s hard but I believe that is possible.

Keep on everyone!


I’m sorry to hear that you’re all alone. I went through the same sort of thing with one of my friends. Good luck on your programming and I hope you do get a job in Game Development.

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Personally, I have a lot of goals. Running a country as large as The Poonited Pates of Pamerica can be difficult. Fortunately, I have a lot of methods that allow me to make this job a lot easier. Coffee, toilet breaks, and robots all help me manage my stress. My current goal is to get reelected as president in 2055. Almost there! Vote Boe! #Jiden2055

I’ve just finished my 30 day-challenge. I wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe that’s because I enjoy coding. I would like to double it now. I plan on completing my computer science career path then moving on to the next one all while attending school. It’s easier for me to devote a good amount of time into this because I don’t have too many obligations. My end goal is to find a software developer job once I’ve completed my first career path.


I have learned java at school and I find it hard. Am here to practice and learn java. Tnx for this forum

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