Share your Goal 🎯

Hey everyone!
I work for localization and translation industry for 12 years.
Last year I started data science program at edx platform and eventually encountered codeacademy resources and found it extremely useful and enjoyed different approach to coding skills learning.
Now I am about to finish the edx course which utilizes R software for data handling and recently joined data science career path at codeacademy to skill Python and related topics.
So I am excited and edgily looking forward to new knowledge!
Have fun guys!

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I am starting my learning process with code at 41.
I am a endurance sports coach and I really think my profession will disapear in the next coming years.
I am trying to learn css, java script in the next weeks.
As a personal project I will try to rebuild my business websites with what I am learning here.

I am very happy with all the information here and gratefull for the free content!

Cheers from Brazil!


Hi all!

I’m a 27 yo woman from the Netherlands and after searching for quite some time for what I actually want to do with my life, I currently decided I would love to be a software developer! I unfortunately Have only very little experience, so I’m trying here to build my skills and hopefully will be able to find a job in this field in about four/five months.

I’m actually very curious if you guys think building enough skills in four months is doable haha, I have to say that I’m a fast learner and coding comes relatively easily to me, but tips and advice are very welcome!


Hi! I am a HS physics and earth and space science teacher who is looking to learn SQL and Python (and anything else I need) in order to create some tools and graphics for use as an educator and in research. I am also considering a career pivot into software engineering or data science (my background is in research, and I have a master’s degree so I think those will help). I love teaching, but I am feeling the need to move on for several reasons. I think codecademy is going to be a good place for me to see if I like coding and to start my learning journey. If anyone has any encouragement or advice as to what I should be learning after SQL and Python, I’d be happy to hear it!

Cool. I quite like web development as well. Good luck with your goal and I hope you get the job which you want.

I’m going to finish the Learn Python 3 course in 30 days! Just in case I finish early here is a bonus for myself:

A small/starting point for a text based story game about beans… As in something to add to my portfolio!

Also, research on specifically what a portfolio is and how to present it!


I’m curious how to change my username?


I have always been the type of person who loves knowing about a lot of things, sort of a “Jack of all trades”. I’m an artist, a dog groomer, an English teacher (my native language is Spanish), a waitress and kind of a virtual assistant… (the las 3 being my current jobs)

I’ve studied several careers (none of them I was able to finish due to my ADHD) including digital art, international affairs, entrepreneurship, veterinary, modern languages and cultural affair management, law and now the one I hope to finish is computer science.

Thanks to Codecademy I’ve been able to stay focused on what I want to do, which is to become a data scientist. I’ve always been obsessed with data and keeping it neat and tidy. I love statistics and I believe it’s a little like being able to see the future.

My goal on the long term is to become a digital nomad and travel around the world.

Thank you for reading me❤️

Same! :slight_smile:

And Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

First time coder…looking to learn a new skill so that I can work from home. I am a veteran and looking to better my current situation, and it looks like web development is the easiest. I’m hoping it’s not too difficult for an old dog to learn new tricks.


Hi Everyone!

I’ve been dabbling with HTML/CSS and also the Data Analyst lessons to work out what I wanted to do and have settled for the Full-Stack pathway. Am currently 5% through and loving it.

I’m here as a career shifter! After qualifying as a Headteacher, decided that… I don’t want to be a Headteacher. Have gone back into the Classroom and am working as a Teacher whilst upskilling but also feel like I’ve gone back into the classroom as a learner here with CodeAcademy. Setting myself the target of being in a position to apply for jobs in 12 months. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Really reassuring to read everyone’s stories above and realise I’m not the only one making this leap!


I haven’t really found another spot for followup. Seems like we just post here first and then go on our merry way, but that doesn’t really feel like accountability. SO! As a check in, 16 days in, I am 59% of the way through the Learn Python 3 course! almost there! I’ve also gotten a bunch of the No starch press books to supplement what I’m learning with some more projects. I know the ebooks are available, but I really appreciate being able to highlight, underline, or write in the margins. These books are going to get lived in.

My next lesson is dictionaries. Everything up to this point has been familiar so I’m excited to learn something new!

I haven’t gotten through my bonus story game about beans, but I have made a “how many beans do I have” guessing game!

Hope you’re all doing well!


You people all have goals? You don’t simply react to the most urgent crisis that arises?

Just kidding. I’m here to have fun while refreshing my memory for things I may have forgotten. It’s also always nice to learn something new.

My goal is doing at least 2% of the computer science path everyday. I am on 7% right now.

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happy to be here and my goal is to learn python to enable me to automate my AWS task.
am a total new beginner but willing to learn snd advance my skills in python

Thank you

Five days ago I started the Front-End Engineer Career Path and my 30-day challange. My goal is to go through the basics of HTML and CSS and maybe try developing websites locally. I hope this goal is realistic in 30 days :sweat_smile:

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I wanna be Coder_30DaysChallenges!

Now I know how long :joy:

I just assumed how long it might take to have a minimum achievable goal. :sweat_smile:
Some may take less time, others more. It depends on how many hours a day you are willing to dedicate to studying.
So far, after 8 days from the start of the 30 day challenge, I’ve already finished the HTML part and gone through half of the basics of CSS. Yesterday I was already able to participate in the CSS Grid Chapter and understood everything that was going on there. :wink:


Nice! I just finished Semantic HTML :smiley: