Share your Goal 🎯

My goal its change my habits to take better decisions and spend my time on good things like coding


I’m here because of Covid. I’m a professional musician, but stuck at home in the UK. Figured I would pick up some new skills and try to use this free time wisely!

After doing a week of Google’s Grasshopper content, I joined up to pro a month ago, with the goal of progressing through the full-stack development course. – I’m happy to say that I’m now on day 28 of the 30 day challenge, having completed 254 badges, and I’m 40% of the way through that course! It’s been really good just to take my own time and make sure I’m taking things in. Some days I’ve been glued to the computer, others I’ve just done an hour or two.

Right now I’m concentrating on JavaScript. I’ve done a bit of HTML and CSS in the past, so I’m fairly comfortable with that stuff (although I did go through a few courses that refreshed and updated my knowledge). I’ve also looked at Git and a small amount of React.

JavaScript was always a stumbling block in the past, but thankfully now I’ve managed to get over it and get through the content and i feel pretty comfortable writing code. Success!

Only problem now is working out how to turn off my brain and stop thinking about javascript when I’m lying awake at night, aha.


I am here to learn programming so that I can build the first prototype for my startup instead of hiring out or having to find a technical co-founder. Besides, who does not want to learn a superpower?!


I’m following the Front-End Engineer career path and I would like to finally really make progress on my ability to code something concrete, and maybe this will help on my way to finally change career.

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I’m now trying to get a two week streak!



I am new to codeacademy and to coding. I currently work in the travel industry that has been hit really bad by the global pandemic. After months of struggle at work, I have decided to follow my dream of becoming a Data Scientist. In February I will be starting my degree in the subject and in the meantime I am trying to absorb as much information as I can.

I am reading some books on programming and doing some courses through codeacademy and other websites.

At the moment I am focusing in Python and I am hoping that in one year time I will be comfortable enough to start searching for a job and make a radical change in my career.

My aim for these 30 days is to be comfortable with Python language to take the next step.

Hope I mage to keep up!



Hey there!

I’m rather new to coding but was always quite interested in it.
I work for a company that operates with big data and I want to dive deeper into that topic. Right now, I’m not involved in any coding topics at work but I’m basically working with the output, transforming the big data into neat reports and advising what is available etc. Nonetheless, machine learning for example is a big topic within my department and it’s super fascinating to me.

That’s why I started the Python 2 course and if that goes well, I’ll dive deeper into the data scientist courses of codeacademy.

In the long run, I would like to pursue a BA in Computer Science by part time working, part time studying. I’m also really interested in web development, web design and data visualization.

Long story short: for now, I’d like to get a good grasp of Python 2, feeling comfortable with easy coding tasks. After 30 days I will think about the next step. :slight_smile:

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My goal is to just learn something new that can greatly change the course of the future for me and my family. I made it 7 days and then moved back to Virginia from Illinois… I missed two days but now I am back at day one. I am praying for your success!! WE CAN DO THIS!

Hello there,

I just wanted to share that I completed my goal which was to finish the “Learn Swift” course. Now that I`ve completed my previous goal, my next goal is to finish off the rest of the “Learn Python 2” course and also to build something like a website. Wishing you all the best on your coding journey!!!

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Currently doing a bootcamp called itcareer switch in the uk. Worked in the same job for 13 years in a warehouse.
My goal is to finish this course and land a job in full stack… id also like to learn more about robotics and how they could be beneficial for the future.

I will do this :slightly_smiling_face:

I am pursuing my graduation in computer science so I would like to learn and explore my skills in coding ,html and front end engineering and much exited to be part and of Code-academy in learning these courses

NOO, I lost my internet for a day, and I lost my streak. :frowning:

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Hello. My name is Ibragim Mengaziev. My goal is to make an Android app.