Share your Goal 🎯

Hi All, I am Satish working in IT MNC in Hyderabad, India. I would like to learn daily one Kaggle dataset or one real time project. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

I want to learn Java as a new skill in the coming 30days, I want to dedicate two hours per day to this and hope to be in a better position regarding knowledge and understanding. I want to apply myself

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It’s time for me to make a change and go after my dream career. Currently working full time from home in a non coding related job. My goal is 1 hour minimum daily progress toward becoming a data scientist. So let’s Go !

I want to make a web

I have started the Web Development course 15 days ago and finish it by 31st October.

My goal is to to complete 1 part of my computer science course each day, so that I don’t forget what I have learned and all the hours I have given to study python goes to waste.

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I plan on learning HTML and CSS

I would like to learn how to design a webpage with code. IT'S GOING TO BE SO COOL!

Then I'm going to build a web page.

Hope you have a good coding journey!

Catch me on GitHub

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I have two goals:
Add a skill to my resume
Know where to start with my ideas for projects that will require coding

Good luck to everyone on reaching their goals for the 30 day challenge!

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Starting today. Let’s see what happens! :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Hi everyone,
My goal is to build basic knowledge to become a front end developer.
I’ll spend one and half hour daily between studying and practicing for the next 30 days :slightly_smiling_face:

My goal for the 30-day Challenge is to get in the habit of coding more often.

what coding language are you learning at the moment?

currently working on getting my c# certifications with Microsoft. What languages are you learning?

Mostly the basics of swift. Just learnt about functions and how to put them into action

Hi I just what yo learn coding so that I can make my own apps and games and I am on Python courses

Hey we have a new whatapp group of codeacedemy let’s join

That’s good. I don’t know swift, but I wish you the best on your coding journey.

Thank you. I also wish you the best on your coding journey

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Hi everyone!, I have tried many times to learn how to code. I took a class in college but would like to continue learning and hopefully put it to good use. I want to finish the computer science course on codecademy in the next 30 days.