Share your Goal 🎯

So many of these are so inspiring!

My goal is to transition careers after covid-19. Programming was a passion as a kid but somewhere along the way I lost track of it.

20 days so far, and they’ve been wonderful in helping me spring-board onto new ideas.

Day 22 of 30 day challenge.
I am really looking forward to finishing Swift, right now I just started with web development.
My goal is to study 4 hours at day.

really looking forwars to finish and master swift

I am also a teen, but I just started on Codecademy and I’m trying to learn new coding languages so when I’m a little more experienced, I can get an internship at Aerospace or a company like that. Right now, I am trying to master JavaScript for my 30-day challenge, and I am 6 days in. I hope I do well!

First year Computer Science student here :wave:t6:
Day 1 of my 30 days challenge really excited and motivated !
Hope I finish Java in a day or 2 so I can start with Javascript and Python :))
Goodluck to everyone ! :exclamation:

My goal is to just see how I feel after doing this every day for a month and see if it’s something I want to do for work full time.


Good luck! Remember to mix with other sources to get a better idea. For example I wasn’t enthused by CSS, but Kevin Powell’s youtube channel made me love it. Python I generally liked how CA does it. And so forth for all the topics I studied.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I should be using multiple things or if it’d just be messy, but that makes sense.


I think as long as you keep notes it’s ok. I have dedicated bookmark folders for each area of cs study.

My goal is to launch a mobile games. I have a few ideas that I want to bring to life. I would like to have them on the app store and google store then have in app-purchases for most of my apps.

Hey Coders! this is Astha Singh. I am in final year of graduation (engineering in CSE)
the irony is that i don’t know much about coding . i am a part of My college’s Technical club as well (They chose me on the basis of designing skills i guess …LOL) Back then when i was in school i had so much interest in Web Pages Simply HTML . i made school projects of so many friends of my class on web Development but from year 2016 to 2020 i haven’t coded .
So my challenge for me is to Learn python very passionately so that i can code anything and everything in python
After learning Python i want to enroll myself in CS50 program for Python and Web development too and also learn JavaScript.
I want to get placed in an Amazing company which provide me lots of money(sigh).
If I’ll earn upto the margin set by me I want to go for Government Jobs so that I can help the needy ones
Asthashubh :heart: .


If you have any suggestions then you’re most welcome


Great to hear your back in the game and ready to light your passion. I’m doing JavaScript right now for gaming and I’m enjoying it. Good luck with Python. I’ve seen the capabilities of it and it looks like a lot of fun to do. Like you, I aspire to grow my breadth of coding knowledge. I want to know more about databases and SQL too. But right now, my passion is JavaScript and game coding. Talk to you later. Taker care.

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My name is Bina, and I am a retired 63 year old Journalist and Labor Activist, living in Norway. It has been 3 yrs since I started playing around with coding front and back-end projects. Other than the basic HTML & CSS, I have coded in PHP, Ruby on Rails, React.
But, what I have learnt so far is that today’s coding needs a strong knowledge & skill of JavaScript. And that is my goal in the next 30 days. Improving my JavaScript knowledge & skills, starting from the beginning.
I hope you all will help me through this, and I will do anything I can to help you.


I’m currently learning SQL because i want to get out of my current field and into a better field with better benefits and pay.

I think next I will learn python while strengthening my SQL skills eventually getting certified for SQL .


My goal is to complete the DS path!

I’d been studying various data analyst paths here and elsewhere, but, I realized that I want to learn about machine learning, NLP, neural networks and writing algorithms.
I guess I should have been studying DS all along! :slight_smile:


Hi,so I’m currently learning javascript through codeacadmey,and I’m looking to learn many more languages

One of my major goals is to make an online store and a social media platform under the same website,and I want to know which languages I should be able to do in order to do this task


Started the C++ learning almost a year ago, got stuck up with my life for a while. Guess it’s a great chance to pick it up.


My goal is to complete the Data Science path and switch up my career after losing my job due to Covid 19. I have plenty of time on my hands and no excuses!


Here we go. This is Day 0.


I’m tired of being tech adjacent (HR) and am ready to be actually someone that works in tech doing technical things ! I’m on day 4 :sunglasses: