Share your Goal 🎯

I want to get a section done each day and if it is too much to finish, I want to at least work on codecademy for 2 hours. I am taking the Fullstack Engineer Course.


Well, good luck, that is a tricky course.

Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do great. (=


Hello All! =)

First, a quote which I read today on the “Economist Espresso” mobile app:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

I needed to hear that because sometimes I am a bit strict with myself, when I ask: “When will the time be for me to land that first new job?”


Daily study/practice (Consistency) and Patience are keys in a career change.

So I am sharing these thoughts with you. We CAN do it, and WE WILL DO IT. :wink:

It’s a 30 day challenge – and also a life decision – Codecademy’s a little_robot which needs to be fed just a bit of input every day from us.

–> --> Goals:

Finish the Javascript course (and the Node.JS mini-course) in 25 days - that’s the rest of 2020!

Then I can help my neighbour with his Mobile App project, and get some XP + some ££ .

By having already done Python and HTML/CSS (also the Command Line here in Codecademy), I hope the Javascript course will roll way easier - and that my target is realistic.

Let’s GO !!

Happy coding, and happy dream_chasing, Everyone.

Stay safe, and be positive. +++


LOL! Go fort it! Good luck =)


I must finish one of the path I started at the end of December! If I don’t do it I will kill myself :smile:

2020 is about to end.
My goal was to start learning a new language and get at least one Certification
I am 36 years old with full time job, married with two lovely kids.

I found Python a good one to start
Finally I got total 20 certificates for the year 2020

Here is my photo.

Happy Coding .!! (Codecademy Team Rocks)


That`s cool. Well done.


Good luck! It sounds like you have a solid plan and some experience to go on.

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Hi there! My name is Larisa and I am from Cleveland, Tennessee. My goal is to gain more knowledge on Full-Stack Engineering and code so that I can feel confident enough to pursue freelancing or joining a team! I do have some Front-End development practice under my belt. My dad has always had a passion for coding and I think I caught the bug. I love technology and helping others with their computers and simplifying processes for a more organized and efficient experience. I am very excited to be involved and learning with Codecademy & you all! :brown_heart:


Congratulations, this is sick!

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Hello - I learned some visual basic back in 2002 (ha!) but otherwise I’m mostly a beginner with some very limited coding experience. I work full time in the building industry (building performance analysis to be specific.) I’m an excel wizard and I use software that allows for custom Python scripts. I’m currently feeling a little uninspired and - I just had a massive change in my life: my dad passed away unexpectedly last month. He was a research scientist but he learned to code in the 90s to build a software (called Tilia) that everyone in his field currently uses for data analysis. I’m learning to code to feel a little more inspired - in my current job or otherwise - and to do something that was close to my dad’s heart. Wish me luck!


10 Min/day should get me started :slight_smile:


I want to do 10 minutes a day to supplement the information Im learning in my coding bootcamp.


An amazing effort Ioannis! – keep it up!


I have accepted the challenge! Get some!


I’m doing the challenge to prepare me for UX/UI bootcamp next month! I’m hoping I can get a decent handle on JavaScript by then.


I just started my 30 day challenge to complete the career track in Computer Science.


I’m back after being away for a while. I have a full-time job and family commitments, but I want to get back to it. I’m committing to spending at least 30 minutes a day reviewing what I’ve learned before and learning new material.

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Hello, everyone!

I’m a long-time college grad with a background of graphic design. I first came across Codeacademy about 6 years ago…and have a history of starting and stopping my coding habit here often. Still looking for work that isn’t freelance, I’ve found that loads of graphic design job offers prefer you to be well-rounded in both print design and web design. Feeling like my degree’s credentials are no longer enough, I was always discouraged. So I settled for a part-time job that I am well over-qualified for.

When I started my part-time gig, I promised myself to never get lulled into staying in a position where I am not using my full potential. Now, 5 years later, I have decided I am at the deadline of that promise and need to get my rear into GEAR!

It’s tough to stick with it, but I will do my very best to dust off my web designing/coding skills, build up a phenomenal portfolio and say hello to a career where I belong!

Let’s hope this 30-day challenge helps motivate all of us to better ourselves! Good luck to you all!