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Well, might as well go first

I’m a homeschooled, teen, programmer who has been using codecademy for many years to help me learn. This year was different though. This school year, I’m going to be reviewing front-end web development (taking the web development Pro path) and hoping to get an actual internship at a company in the summer.

This is a big step up for me because I have never done any coding professionally, so I’m hoping that I’ll have the skills required for the job I want to do. If anyone has any advice for me, I’d be glad to hear it.

So that’s my goal. Acquire the skills to get an actual internship in the summer.


Despite Christmas and moving to a new home, I will try to repeat what I have already learned -10 min/day…- so as not to forget everything… :sweat_smile::grin:


Have a full time job not connected to coding, but still can be a good advantage.

So my goal is to complete the Web Development Path and really get how it all works :slight_smile:


My goal will be to increase what I normally do, so have at least 30min of practice a day, and 30min of studying a day.


I started learning Javascript by attending a workshop. I found it challenging so I decided to do the Introduction to Javascript course. I was about half way through and then stopped. So I want to complete the course over the 30 days.


I’ve started my coding journey 8 months ago and now I feel confident enough to take the training wheels off and start coding from scratch thanks to Codecademy. As for monthly goals I have recently taken time off my regular job to fast track my coding journey. this week I’m learning the Java programming language. Next week I will learn all the libraries and frameworks associated with java (spring,hibernate,spring boot). By the end of the month my goal is to set up my portfolio site with all my projects attached and start applying to jobs.


I have started to like Codecademy and recently became a pro member… My goal is to learn Python and do at least 10-15 minutes of coding everyday. Wish me luck guys!


I joined Codecademy earlier this year and haven’t made it a priority to use. I’m hoping this challenge will get me in the habit of learning every day. I’m learning this for work and furthering the career I have as a sys admin. Wish me luck too! :wink:


I’m a 6yo full-stack PHP developer and I want to deep dive into React/Vue frameworks, building 1 project (small or big) per each. I must do it to stay young, they say.


Started the Data Science path at Codecademy a couple months ago. My goal now is to accelerate the learning of Python, every day. Best wishes to all! :dart::slightly_smiling_face:


This first week was important to me. If you start off/finish this week wrong, it will determine how you will view the rest of time you spend coding.

This is a question you must ask yourself? Will I keep on using this? Or am I just learning it to say “I learned how to do this… once” Make sure that you are learning something that can be used again and again. For me, this past week, I was working on the basis of some HTML & CSS. I kept thinking to myself “I know all this stuff already… am I wasting my time?” and I could always answer myself, “The basics are the basis to all knowledge.” You may, like me, want something more advanced but you have to start off slow. It’s just like running. If you go from not running at all to running four miles a day, it’s not gonna help and it’s just gonna discourage and hurt you.

Currently, I have a friend who is learning to code and he’s just getting started. One thing you can say to someone who is just starting out or struggling is to remind him that once you learn this stuff and practice it, you’ll know it forever. You’ll never forget how to make an onclick function, write data to files using Python, or pull database info using SQL. And you’ll be able to use the concepts to help you learn and do even more. All you gotta do is get over this hurdle, learn how to do this one concept, and as long as you use it and practice it, you’ll never forget it.

Why? Why am I learning something new? This question could be finished in many ways. A couple such as “I already know enough to do this project” or “What’s even the point?”. This question floats around my head when I’m struggling to learn something new. My answer to this is that it’s because even if I know how to do this in a different way or language, maybe that’s not the most efficient way of doing this. Maybe if I use this way, it will be more readable, faster, or it just works better. That’s why I’m learning this. I’m taking this course because I want to advance my knowledge. I don’t want to just be a bump on a long which only knows a certain amount and only does anything this one way. I want to be able to fix the problem in a couple of different ways so I can see which one is the best way of doing it.

Celebrating small wins is important. Those small wins are the wins that are gonna get you up to that final big win. Always take time to rejoice when you fix a bug, learn a new concept, or finish that one really hard lesson, no matter how small and insignificant it seems. This will not only encourage you, but it will make you so much more eager to get at that next lesson or bug. I know that whenever I finish a Codecademy Project, I usually put it in a Github Repository and then send it to my friends with a message similar to “Programming is so much fun! Look what I made!” Maybe it’s just that I have an amazing group of friends, but they are always like “That’s so cool!”, “I really love how this works”, “How long did it take you to make this? It’s really good!”, and it just makes me super happy.

I’ll give you one piece of overall advice for programming in general. Have other people. Make sure there is someone out there who you can rely on. There’s always someone who you’re friends with who will be happy to look at what you’re working on and encourage you as long as you do the same back to them. You can even just have someone online (on the Codecademy Discord Server for example) who you can send a weekly update on chat and they’ll encourage you, and they’ll send you their stuff and you can critique and complement as well.


I’m pretty new to coding in general, so my main objective is just learning a solid base. Specific to that objective, I would like to:

  • Finish Intro to HTML
  • Finish Intro to CSS
  • Finish Intro to JavaScript
  • Build out a web project using those learnings

Hello, my name is Diana Maria and I have started my programming challenge for 30 days. I learned some things but most of them I have really forgotten and what I most want is to learn to program well. So here I start my own learning process.


My goal is to learn JS and after moving to Python so i would be able to start my hacking learning trip
it’s simply : finishing the goal i just mentionned and after beggining with the Family+ and studying about some certificates like Comptia and CEH , Cissco …etc
i need so much focus tho .
I wish ,you all would achieve your goals , always believe in yourselves and that God is with you ^-^
console.log("Have a nice day :heart:);

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Primary Goal - My goal is to practice Javascript through CA tutorials for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. By the end of the 30 days, I aim to have a better solid foundation in the theoretical basics than I do currently.

Secondary Goal - will be to have applied this theory I’ve learned to 1 project - whether it be good or terrible quality.

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My goal in the next 30 days is to complete the Web Development Course :smile:

Brushing up on old favorites like HTML and CSS has been a huge help in boosting my confidence as I move into JavaScript! At the end of the challenge, I’d love to take these new skills and start working on creative web-projects :smile:


Almost at 30 days. :slight_smile: How’d it go?

Hi! My goal for the next 30days is to complete all Web Development Carrer Path, which it isn’t impossible since I’ve done lots of Courses and the Learn How to Build Websites Skill Path. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of work tho. XD

Hope everyone achieve your goals! Good luck!


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