Share, upload to github, and save into my own repository

AB_Test _HYPOTHESIS TESTING¬_Analyzing Farmburg’s Jan 2021 Ping

Help re: upload to github, and save into my own repository

I have just finished “Analyzing Farmburg’s” and pressed ‘share button’, and copied the link above, please advise how to have the project I have just done, save into my own repository, eg ‘Judy codecademy projects’ on github please.
Thank you.
Judy from sunny Melbourne

I’m guessing you’re already on github in which case I think going to the create a new repo options and using import a repository- when logged in and adding the address for the gist would be quite straightforward. Forking the gist just creates another gist so I think the import is easier.

However this does record your first commit as originating from codecademydev, so consider if that’s suitable for you.

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Thank you for your detailed explanation. Highly appreciated.
Jude from sunny Melbourne

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