Share Tips and Tricks On Job Applications

Job applications are complicated. It’s an opaque process where most of the time you won’t know why you never heard back, or why you got rejected. Maybe you didn’t include the right keywords in your resume, or perhaps your portfolio wasn’t strong enough. Most of the time you’ll wish someone could give you more details.

This topic is a space exactly for that. Share helpful tips to apply for jobs in tech.


  • Be specific: is this insider tip for a specific company? Did you learn it from someone that works at that company?
  • Provide details: why is this tip you are sharing important? How does it help applicants? Is it tied to a specific kind of jobs?
  • Time: is this piece of advice current? How long ago did it work for you?


  • Generic advice: avoid common sense tips like “build a portfolio on GitHub” or “tailor your resume to each company”. Remember, other learners will benefit the most from insightful advice that they don’t hear anywhere else
  • Start a conversation: a tidy, on-topic thread will help everyone find relevant information quickly and efficiently. If you want to talk to any of the users sharing advice, consider a DM

Spend part of your day coding and the other applying for jobs. This improves you everyday.


nice… very interesting…

Hi, I’ve finished 29% of the Full Stack Engineering course. I am impressed with Codecademy. I’ve enjoyed the content I learned. Iam now looking to hire a Full Stack Engineer for a project and source them using whatever methods you recommend, ie, where on this forum should I post. I just want to find 3 different candidates to choose from and then decide on one from there. What’s the best way (in your opinion) for me to do this?

Also, just to add. I know I could comb through profiles on GitHub. But personally I feel like a person who has completed the entire or most of the full stack course knows enough to get the job done. So is there a way to look through or search recently completed Full Stack course students?