Several tasks already completed on Resume Templater

I just completed the Resume Templater project, but something is a bit odd…
Tasks, related to the .cs files were already completed - such as task 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14 and 15.

Thank you (kind of) - but just clicking checkboxes are not really, why I enrolled :slight_smile:
Anyone with similar experience?

If it’s a project, you can always just uncheck them and pretend it never said you had completed them…

The tasks are checked manually on this project, so unchecking them won’t make a difference as I see it. I considered doing a reset, but since it will remove my progress as well, it’s not an optimal solution.
I continued the course - but hope, the upcoming projects aren’t pre-completed.

Could you post a link to the project, please?

Sorry, didn’t see your reply until now - sure:

You could always copy your code, reset the project, then paste it back in…

Yes, I guess so - but I reported it as a bug, since I just had similar experiences with later lessons… just want to make sure, my account isn’t mixed up with one, belonging to another pupil.
Thanks for your time, by the way.

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