Several tasks already completed on Resume Templater

I just completed the Resume Templater project, but something is a bit odd…
Tasks, related to the .cs files were already completed - such as task 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14 and 15.

Thank you (kind of) - but just clicking checkboxes are not really, why I enrolled :slight_smile:
Anyone with similar experience?

If it’s a project, you can always just uncheck them and pretend it never said you had completed them…

The tasks are checked manually on this project, so unchecking them won’t make a difference as I see it. I considered doing a reset, but since it will remove my progress as well, it’s not an optimal solution.
I continued the course - but hope, the upcoming projects aren’t pre-completed.

Could you post a link to the project, please?

Sorry, didn’t see your reply until now - sure:

You could always copy your code, reset the project, then paste it back in…

Yes, I guess so - but I reported it as a bug, since I just had similar experiences with later lessons… just want to make sure, my account isn’t mixed up with one, belonging to another pupil.
Thanks for your time, by the way.

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I don’t think it’s anything to do with resetting the progress it’s actual tasks that are completed already such as stepo 3 for example

" In order to populate information from your resume on the view page, we must create properties in the page model.

Navigate to Index.cshtml.cs and add the following properties. Make sure they’re all public and have their own setters and getters:" If you check the file these properties already exist same for plenty of other steps

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