Setup Postman on Chromebook

I wanted to make a post about this because I could not find one and I had some trouble getting set up. I have taken the below steps from the following guide and copied out the answer that was most helpful to me. Once all steps are completed you will have an icon under Linux Apps to easily launch Postman.


Get the files

  1. Downlad the Postman from
  2. Move the downloaded zip to a location inside linux files
  3. Open up the linux terminal and navigate to where you put the zip
  4. Run tar -xvf Postman-linux-x64-7.24.0.tar.gz
  5. Run sudo apt install libnss3
  6. You can run the app already (without the icon) with ./Postman/app/Postman

Make folder

  1. create the folder .share (if you don’t already have it) `mkdir ~/.local’
  2. a folder inside of that folder mkdir ~/.local/share
  3. another folder… mkdir ~/.local/share/applications

Create the shortcut file

  1. Open Caret (you can use any other text edit application, but I like this one)
  2. add the following text
    (make sure to change the YOURUSERNAME to your actual username; you can use pwd to find out how it’s actually spelled):
 [Desktop Entry]
 Exec=/home/**YOURUSERNAME**/Postman/app/Postman %U
  1. Save that file with the name Postman.desktop