Setting up the if branch part 1


im having trouble with exercise number 4, this is my (simple) code

print "Please type your street name"
user_input = gets.chomp
if user_input.include? "s"
print "You have an s in there"
print "you dont have an s in there"

The console to the right (in theory) should wait for my input, to check whether or not i have put an “s” but the console immediately displays my “if” option which is it will tell me i have an s in there, but im not able to input anything at all? shouldn’t the console wait for my input first before displaying anything else at all? im probably going wrong somewhere can anyone help please?


There seems to be a system wide issue with user inputs. What happens if you bypass the input and just supply a string?


Update: We’ve received word from the engineers that the issue should be resolved. Copy your code, reset exercise and refresh page, then paste your code back in and Run. Report back here if the problem persists.


Thanks mtf, have returned to my exercise today and its resolved itself its automatically put me to the next exercise.
I was just worried i was getting something in my code wrong so good to know everythings fine now, cheers!


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