Setting up react.js, npm init did NOT create a package.json file



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Trying to get react.js up and running BUT looking at the folder I created via cd-ing into the location and creating a new directory it does not contain the package.json file the directions say should be create using “npm init”. Instead only one file is created (I have attached a screenshot):
04 PM
How do I fix this so that it does create a package.json file?


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what is in the npm-debug.log file? Can you show me the output produced by the `mpn init command, like so:

i quickly created a directory named temp to run the npm init command so i can clean it quickly after i finished helping you


Nothing. See below"


Here is the command line output after npm init
03 PM


then you have to enter a name, press enter, fill in the next prompt, and the next one and so until you answered all prompts (or left them blank)

Did you walk through all the steps (see first two lines of output produced by npm init)


This is what I have now:

25 PM


that is good, that looks like package.json file

type you type yes at final prompt to confirm?


That worked! Thanks for the help.


Not sure what that debug file is all about, any ideas?


nope, no idea. Maybe you can google that, but i don’t think its very important


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