Setting Up React in VS Code

Bit of a strange question here: I’ve been doing the tutorials on React, I’ve set up VS Code, Git Bash, Node, all that stuff and I’m able to get my own code running to create applications.

However, I only just recently started learning React because of a group project for school. We have a github repository which I’ve cloned, but I can’t seem to test or run anything there on the localhost like I normally would. I tried doing npm start while in (what I think) is the correct directory.

Can anyone help me out and teach me how to open up the localhost page when I haven’t gone through the whole “create-react-app” process?

edit: basically, how can I run/test their components? is there some command in bash that will let me test those files that I’m missing?

After you clone the repo, have you run npm install in the project’s root directory in order to download all the project’s dependencies? Then after installed, use npm start

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Ya i figured that out last night after googling the issue. I guess I was just in the wrong directory when trying to use npm start initially. Thank you though.

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