Setting Up Pipenv and Text Editor linked to Python

I’m trying to set up the pipenv environment as described in

I’m having difficulty with two things.

  1. I notice that the person in the video is using a text editor that seems to have access to python and related programs. Any suggestions for how to set this up?

  2. When I try to set up an environment for a new project as described in the video using the code:
    “pipenv --three” I run into an error that says it “Failed to create virtual environment” I can’t seem to work around this. Any suggestions?


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This should be ok to fix, but first we need a little more info.

What is the error message telling you exactly (besides “failed to create”)?

(As for the text-editor/IDE I think he’s using VS code.)


This is the full message that I get back
Creating a virtualenv for this project…
Pipfile: C:\Users\Kate_and_Dustin.SPENCE\project-1\Pipfile
Using C:/Users/Kate_and_Dustin.SPENCE/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python37/python.exe (None) to create virtualenv…
[ ] Creating virtual environment…RuntimeError: failed to query C:\Users\Kate_and_Dustin.SPENCE\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\python.exe with code 3221226505 err: “Fatal Python error: initfsencoding: unable to load the file system codec\nModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘encodings’\n\nCurrent thread 0x000027a8 (most recent call first):\n”

Failed creating virtual environment

Failed to create virtual environment.