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I just installed Python 3.7. This is my first exposure to Python. I would like to know what software is recommended to develop in Python. I also installed PyCharm as it appears to be the recommended software to develop Python programs. I’m not sure how Pycharm is integrated with Python. I also want to develop games using Pygame. I’m just confused how they all interact and what needs to be done for a truly IDE. Can you help me get out of the basement and at least to the first floor?

I’m trying to learn how to develop in this software so that I can try to teach my 11 year old grandson who loves playing video games so I thought a positive extension of that passion is to develop his own games.

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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disclaimer: this answer contains personal preferences.

I haven’t actually used PyCharm, maybe pycharm still requires you too manually install python? i always installed python manually anyway and then used a text-editor (for programming, like atom) to write python code, and then execute the scripts from the command line. But then i found this easier in Linux, in Windows i found this more of a hassle.

PyCharm and PhpStorm (and more) are all made by jetbrains, and i have used PhpStorm, which worked fine, so i assume PyCharm should be fine too.

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Was there something you needed to do to make Python aware of PhpStorm or vice versa? How does Python know to execute PhpStorm code? I would think PyCharm would be similar. Thank you.

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The different IDE’s made by jetbrains are for different programming language. IDE’s don’t need to be aware of each others existence.

the question for you is: How to run python code in Pycharm? Surely, there are guides for that:

you need video 3 it seems

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Thank you! I will look at it.

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My setup is as following:
for my python enviroment i use anaconda. This helps to keep my computer clean and i can choose my python version at any time. Also i can create diffrent enviroments with diffrent imports in it without it clouding other projects.

as a IDE i use notepad++ or when that doesn’t cut it i use pycharm.

Hope it helps.

Just keep in mind that you choose what that is when you choose who you ask.

Thank you for your information. I’ll look at Anaconda also.