Setting up a version control system on Bluehost

Hello, I have a general question about setting up a version control system, Git more precisely.

So I’m currently working on my new website and I already have a hosting plan on Bluehost. I was wandering if there is a solution to install a version control system so that I can push updates and fixed if any and also keep track of all modifications for rollback if needed.

Can anyone help me in finding the best solution or any resources that might help, I would really appreciate it ! Enlighten me please :thinking:

I searched the following on google:

bluehost github integration

and found:

VPS & Dedicated Hosting: Installing Git | Bluehost Support

and a video on automatic deployment:

Git + Bluehost - Part 5: Automatic Deployment To A Live Repository [HD] - YouTube

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Thanks a lot for your reply, I also saw those resources in my research but I was just wandering what were the latest solutions for that matter if there were any. So far there is not much on the internet about this, I guess people are using different ways/methods. Anyway thanks again for your help.

What you want to look for is actually called “Continuous Integration” which is a separate system to a VCS. In a larger DevOps pipeline, the VCS actually flows into the CI. There are many free CI tools and many more paid ones.

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Thanks, this is what I need a CI tool to fullfill my needs. So I’ll keep doing my research.