Set up SQLite using GitBash on Windows OS

Hi team,

I am on the stage where I have to set up Binaries SQLite on Windows machine. I have downloaded the recommended zip folder, but when I type the command on step no.2 here on the Git Bash Terminal. It says no such file or directory. Please see my screenshot below:

Plus, I also realised the 7 digit numbers shown in the guide is different to the SQLite download page, so I just followed the number what is shown in the SQLite website (3320100)

Would appreciate any help I can get to solve this as I am stuck :frowning:

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You were right to change the numbers to reflect the version you downloaded.

You are probably getting this error because you didn’t put a space between cd and the tilde ~.

However, just in case, make sure you have unzipped the folder and make sure your path is correct.

Hi @el_cocodrilo

Thanks for your reply. I have unzipped the folder and also, tried both with space and without space between cd and the tilde ~ but it still won’t work.

I managed to to get to the outcome by moving through the filesystem one by one using the cd command (this is quite exhausting). But I am still curious what went wrong with the first attempt I made.

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