Set the font-size of the p element inside <div class="neighborhood-guides">..</div> to 15px


Could you guys tell me what I am doing wrong here ?

.neighborhood-guides {

background-color: #efefef;

border-bottom: 1px solid #dbdbdb;


*.neighborhood-guides h2 *


* color: #393c3d;*

* font-size:24px;*

* }*

.neighborhood-guides p


* font-size: 15px;*

* margin-bottom:13px;*

* }*


What error it logs? What is the lesson No?


You have full **** why remove them


it is on the 8th lesson Neighborhood Guides :Final touches


That is not how its written on my CSS its just to tell you wich is the code I wrote


Lesson 8 instructions:

In main.css, make a new CSS rule that selects .neighborhood-guides

1.Set the background-color to #efefef
2.Set border-bottom to 1px solid #dbdbdb

Make a second CSS rule that selects the h2 element inside .neighborhood-guides

1.Set the color to #393c3d
2.Set the font-size to 24px

Make a third CSS rule that selects the p element inside .neighborhood-guides

1.Set the font-size to 15px
2.Set the margin-bottom to 13px

You did all the steps now just remove all the * from all over your CSS and it should work


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