Set a variable equal to a value



Can you Explain what error or problem you're facing!
Do reply!

This exercise says to put count_to as sum of two different big numbers.

Like if someone have said to me put two big numbers sum inside a variable Symphony and print, I'd have done this...

Symphony = anyBigNumber + anotherBignumber  # anyBigNumber , anotherBignumber should be numbers

print Symphony


Thank you, but I figured it out!! Sorry for yelling; I'm excited! My mistake was writing the code on the 5th line where it says print. I wrote the code (count_to = 45678 + 87654) on the first line & it worked. Also, I was writing it as count_to = # 45678 + 87654. Thank you for your quick reply!


Sorry for yelling; I'm excited!

No point! Youre welcome!
Keep up the good work !


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