Session Timed Out

Every 30 seconds to a minute I get a “Session Timed Out” error and a very annoying “Are you still there? Get back to coding” alert.

It’s making Codecademy virtually unusable.

Chrome 51 / Firefox 47; Mac OSX; high speed fiber internet.

Introduction to React.js: Part 1 (just about every lesson).

Any suggestions?

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Can you post a screenshot please?

Sure! Let me see…

This happened just a few seconds after landing on the page.

And this happens when you use both browsers?

Yes, it’s happening in Chrome and Firefox.

I thought it could be a networking issue, so I pinged Google ( for about a minute, and had a very low drop rate.

Could you post a link to the exercise so that I can try?

This is the one I’m currently on, but it’s been happening on many if not most of the exercises.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to happen to me…

Well thanks for looking at it.

I’ll do what I probably should have done before bothering people on the forum and reset everything. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

No problem, and if that doesn’t work try taking a look at the #help category for information on timed out sessions.

:blush: Yeah, resetting everything seemed to work. Finished the rest of the lesson with no issue.

Thank you.