Services II 2. What is wrong?!


Everything seems to work ok, bo where is this error?


Hmm.. It does indeed look correct. Have you tried the usual refreshing the page?

If that doesn't work, try removing the paragraph tags inside your forecast div.


Hi @betacoder45741 I solved this by adding opening ul tag as you can see here in the image theres in a error because there is a closing tag of ul but there no opening of it thats why I only added one. I see you do not have one even the closing or end tag. Try to add.


i tried. didn't work :confused:


I'm having the same problem.

I noticed the unmatched closing ul tag straight away and deleted it, then progressed through the exercise to the same point as you, and got the same error. I didn't add the ° symbols, but otherwise my code was identical to yours.

I then Googled for the format string to get just the weekday, thinking the error was based on that (even though this course hasn't mentioned non-default formatting of filters yet). But even using {{ day.datetime | date : "EEEE" }} didn't fix the error.

Finally, after clicking "Run" three times and "Get Code" in the help popup, this added the degree symbols, removed the weekday formatting and reinserted the erroneous closing ul tag, but otherwise didn't change the code functionally in any way. And clicking "Run" a fourth and subsequent times still produces the same error! :rage:

EDIT: I've now noticed that if you keep spamming the "Run" button, it eventually accepts the code. Not sure whether clicking "Get Code" was necessary for this, as I can't determine any functional differences between what I originally wrote and the given "answer code", except those mentioned above.


same problem here...


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