Services I, step 2 won't pass to next


I've followed the instructions and stuff, but when I hit run, it still doesn't become checked. This is for the first lesson of the services portion of the Angular tutorial

app.factory('forecast', ['$http', function($http) {
return $http.get('')
.success(function(data) {
return data;
.error(function(err) {
return err;


This is the correct code for the lesson... The error [33MWARN][karma]etc... is a common one. Which browser are you using? (Chrome is the better one for codecademy). And try refreshing your browser, see if that will help!


I'm getting this same error, it checks the answer for a lonnnnnng time and then gives that. I'm in Chrome on OSX, tried Chrome on Windows as well. Guess I'll just try a few other browsers or something.


thanks, I have found a bug in chrome


same problem with Chrome, firefox, IE
[33mWARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use

What should I have to do?

EDIT: fixed itself after few hours


I am getting the same issue. Should I just wait until it will fix itself or there is some solution for it?