Service II step 2 not going next step after putting right code

Hi all,

I have stuck in step 2 even after putting right code.

If i have made a mistake anywhere, let me know. It would be helpful for me.


My code has some differences from your pictured code.

    <div class="main" ng-controller="MainController">
      <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
          <div class="col-sm-5 col-sm-offset-7">
            <h1>{{ fiveDay.city_name }}</h1>
            <h2>5-day forecast</h2>
            <div class="forecast" ng-repeat="day in fiveDay.days">
              <div class="day row">

                <!-- datetime -->
                <div class="weekday col-xs-4">   <!-- note bootstrap `col-xs-N` -->
                  <p>{{ day.datetime | date }}</p>

                <!-- icon -->
                <div class="weather col-xs-3">
                  <img ng-src="{{ day.icon }}">

                <div class="col-xs-1"></div>    <!-- this line is different -->

                <!-- high -->
                <div class="high col-xs-2">
                  <p>{{ day.high }}&deg;</p>


                <!-- low -->
                <div class="low col-xs-2">
                  <p>{{ day.low }}&deg;</p>

Hi Roy,

I tried to remove class name in blank div. But unfortunately it didn’t work.

Hey Roy,

Now its working fine. After removing class in blank div its displayed server related error on page load in browser. After some time rechecking code again its works.

Many thanks for help,

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