Server-Side API Calls to External APIs (React Issues!)

There isn’t one tutorial/excercise involving react that i’ve attempted on here that hasn’t had problems when running npm install. It’s crazy. Every time react is used it downloads 100mb plus of files/frameworks only for there to be a critical error with several dependancies and it just not work.
The backend stuff is fine , express, bodyparser etc, no problems with npm.
I’m a trainee developer and i already hate react. I’ve started writing a couple of my own websites and the backend servers to go with them. All is going well and i’m doing it all without React.
How necessary is it really? I’ve read on some other developer forums (from experienced devs) who equally don’t like/ use it for similar reasons

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here’s a good article on it

For getting a job, there isn’t a better framework. However, there are non-React jobs and plenty of them. It’s just that, by the numbers, React is the most used by companies that are hiring.

Do you need React to develop a website? No, not technically, but it, and other frameworks, greatly simplify certain elements of web development like state management.

However, it is no longer the norm to create a React app using the similarly named command. Instead, it’s recommended to use meta-frameworks like Next.js. These are well-maintained and handle most things an app would ever need to do. For small enough, mostly static websites like portfolios and blogs, it’s not necessary. Anything beyond that, though, and the standard recommendation is to use a meta-framework and to choose an accompanying tech stack.

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I wanted to add that I’m sure that Codecademy will eventually expand their courses to include the modern path of development for full-stack applications, but in the meantime, it’s definitely the case that their prescription to use create-react-app is officially outdated (fully official because the React docs themselves no longer recommend its use and it’s being deprecated).

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Thanks for the detailed reply, very much appreciated. I will check out Next.js and read their documentation.