Serious doubt


whenever we open a page Suppose we open a online shopping website there are many links in it when we click on a link another page opens telling the price,policies of return,specifications etc which again has many links. my question is that how to tell the link to open another specific webpage.



If you set the target attribute to "_blank", the link will open in a new browser window or a new tab.


but why. please help me out.


but you havent taught the target attribute


and moreover if we set the target attribte to blank how will i add text,imgages to the blank page


<a href="" target="_blank">Visit!</a>



well, you simple change the href attribute. href is short for hyperlink reference. This link:

<a href="">google</a>

will take you to google, where as this one:

<a href="">facebook</a>

will take you to facebook. Now, webpages are html files, lets say i have a server, which contain two html files:


and the files are in the same folder, you can link to them:

<a href="specific_product.html">specific product</a>

You can try this on your computer, download notepad++, learn how to create html files (video), and voila. Now, with a webshop, it is more complicated, since there is a database powering it. But this is the basic of it