September 2020 Monthly Feature - Building Your Portfolio: Part I

Hello. Welcome to September’s monthly feature: Building Your Portfolio: Part I

Each week, I’ll release a new monthly feature topic corresponding to the monthly feature theme, and then I’ll link them below. The monthly feature topic could be a video, an article, a discussion question, a poll, or a code challenge!

If you have ideas or questions, please post below!


September 8: How to build a portfolio (video)
September 15: Developing your programming portfolio (article)
September 22: What employers look for in a portfolio (article)
September 29: Build a static portfolio site for yourself or someone else (challenge)

P.S. Building Your Portfolio: Part II will be released as October’s monthly feature theme. Stay tuned! :sparkles:

When will the article “A guide to developing your programming portfolio” be made available?

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It’s up! :slight_smile: Apologies for the delay.


I’ve been finding this feature insightful. I’m looking forward to the next article!

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