Sending an email response


Hello everyone, I am new at this so if this question is not worded correctly let me know. I have an idea for a project to take input from users in a form and then to email the user back info based on their responses to the form, basically do some math based on inputs and send the user back a number.

So my question is what language or platform would I need to used to do this? Can I do this without having to run a server, do the math and return the results straight from html code?

Hope this make sense, thanks for your help.


but without a server, how are you going to serve your html pages?

there are dozen and one ways to do this, and many possible languages (in no particular order: golang, php, python, ruby, c#, nodeJS). With frameworks like django, ruby on rails or laravel it becomes relatively easy, these frameworks can easily configured to use a STMP server/service.


Thanks for your response, this helps. So I guess the original website html would be on a server, I see your point. What I am trying to say can all the code be served in the original html page so the form does not have to send the data back in order to general the email back to the user who input the data on the original form.

Your response gives me some direction, thanks.


Apart from what is and isn’t possible, why would you want this design/implementation?


Well, I am just starting the codecademy thing and i am working through the Intro to HTML lessons and I thought to myself, when will I know that I am getting pretty good at this coding thing. And I thought hey if I can get someone to fill out responses on a form that I create and then send them an email response based on their input then I am really doing something. So I guess it’s a goal just to see if I can do it. Might not be one that is relevant or helpful in becoming a web developer, but it is something to focus on.


you can use mailto:

Yes, this allows the user to manipulate the content of the email, but you can generate most of it, this should be good target for now i think


I don’t want to pull up a email form, once a user submits some data in a form I want to immediately send them an email with calculations based on their response.


and all that in the front-end? which is not possible

because this requires use an SMTP service, which would involve the usage of a back-end language (to safely to store the SMTP credentials), so then you add a lot of complexity.

are you sure you ready to jump in waters that deep?


Uh, no. Maybe down the road. Years ago i did a little database work and hated dealing with servers, looking to understand development and making things user friendly.


that is why i suggested mailto, that might be in reach for now.