Sending a Letter


def get_letter_gread(score):
if score >= 90:
return "A"
elif score >=80:
return "B"
if score >= 70:
return "C"
elif score >= 60:
return "D"
return "F"

print get_letter_gread
print get_letter_gread(lloyd)

i have written my code according to instructions i have followed idented. but i did not know where my code went wrong. can any one please help me to solve this problem.

When i click on save&submit it was showing me like this.

Oops, try again. get_letter_grade seems to be missing.


is not the same as get_letter_grade :slight_smile:


i am so stupid. thank you for ur help.


You're welcome, typos happen a lot. :slight_smile:


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