Send image

<div class="column">
      <img src="img/normanatconference.png" alt="Norman Borlaug at a confrence">
      <img src="img/normanwithjimmy.png" alt="Norman_Borlaug with  former President Jimmy Carter">
      <img src="img/normaninmexico.jpg"  alt=" A painting of Norman Borlaug in a field in Mexico">

I tried to send a project file to someone but when he opened the file the images didn’t display but when I open the project file on my computer I can see it how do I change that?

Mod Edit formatting

How did you bundle the package? Did you send all the images as attachments? I recommend sending HTML as TXT.


and let the end user remove the .TXT. Don’t have a folder for the images, just let them save everything into a temporary directory and open the HTML in their browser.

So I wanted to send to a client they would have download the img flies plus the code but let’s say if i wanted to upload it so anybody on the web could see it would i need to pay for a server and upload through there?

If the client has a domain then set up a test folder just off the root. Edit the robots.txt file to restrict robot access to that folder. Now you can put your test pages in that folder and send the URL to the client.