Send and email when a page loads a certain div or text on page?

I’m trying to make a page send me an email when this DIV below become 100% Complete. So when I’m not home it alerts me the process has finished. Is this even possible?

<div class="progress" title="Printing Progress">
        <div class="progress-bar active" id="pgs" role="progressbar" style="width: 59%;">59% Complete</div>

With HTML no,

You’ll need to use a backend language to accomplish this.

What about just making the page Alert me with sound (no email) when the page processbar gets to 100%, how would I go about that. I know this can be down with javascript by I’m a total noob. Been researching for the past 3 hours.

How is the progress bar even getting to 100%? How is updating/increasing? There must be more logic to your code then to what you posted on the forum

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Its a web UI I can watch for my 3d printer. The progress bar moves as the printer is getting closer to finishing. I’m allowed to upload custom UI HTML page into my 3d printer so I’m trying to modify the HTML page so that I get an alert when the print is done even when I’m not home.

This project is on GitHub at

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