"Semantics" or "Translation Problem"


Maybe it’s late (technically speaking, really early in the morning) and I need to get some sleep at last – but I’m having trouble seeing why this

if (n % 2)

is logically equivalent to this

if (n % 2 !== 0)

'cause the first reads to me as “if n is divisible by 2 without remainder” while the second reads as “if n is not divisible by 2 without remainder” and yet they both work the same!!!

Thanks, as always, for any insight…


Oh, never mind – I see it now: the if really means “if (something is true)” so if (n % 2) and if (n % 2 !== 0) both wind up being truethat’s what’s important to JavaScript!

Though higher-level languages are meant to help us humans program easier by replicating human syntax and thought processes, there’s no guarantee that any given situation will “parse well!”

“Problem” solved.


Read up on truthy and falsy and how they relate to booleans. An if statement, like a while statement yield a boolean from their conditional expression.

if (condition) {


while (condition) {


condition is always either true or false. That means that any expression can be cast to a boolean just by making it a conditional.

7 > 6

A comparison is a boolean expression.


A non-zero number (or non-empty string) will always cast to true. They are said to be truthy. Zero (and the empty string) will always cast to false, since they are falsy.

a = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2)
console.log(a ? 'truthy' : 'falsy');

If you are not familiar with ternary expressions, or are generally unclear on what an expresson is, then you have some more reading to do.

condition ? is_truthy : is_falsy;

Expressions always yield a value. Even functions can be expressions, as in,

foo = function () {


console.log(foo());    // undefined

undefined above does not mean the function returns that value, it means that the return value is undefined. That in itself is a sort of value, though in truth a value does not exist.


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