Semantic HTML

Hello so I just started learning Semantic HTML here in Codecademy but I’m not too sure when or when not to use Semantic HTML any help?

You should try to use semantic HTML as often as possible, as it makes it easier for people who use screen readers to read your code. Like putting a <header> tag instead of <div id="header">.


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On top of screen readers (which improve accessibility) semantic HTML helps other programs to read your code. Take web crawlers for example which are employed by search engines like Google and Bing to discover and categorize web pages. Using semantic HTML helps these bots to better understand what content is contained in a page, and provide more accurate results.

This means that by using semantic HTML you are also improving your SEO.


Thank you very much for your answers. Both of them are very helpful :smiley:

Semantic layout is a principle of web page mood in which the emphasis is placed on the semantic content of the main elements. This means that tags are used for different blocks on the page, which have their own purpose.

In other words, a certain part of the markup is for content, and other elements are different. One should strive to use semantic markup constantly in any project. This will allow you to make a site that will meet the requirements of search engines and will be fully compliant with the standards.