Semantic HTML or No? Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts Feedback wanted too

I just finished the Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts project, , and when comparing my code to the solution provided they did not use semantic HTML. Is it better to use semantic html or not? I have read that Semantic HTML is preferred for SEO.
Also I provided my HTML and CSS alongside the solution code in 2 screenshots for feedback. If code is preferred, let me know. This is my first post and I didn’t really see anything on whether code or screenshots were preferred. Thank you in advance!

Hey there @giga0439266944 :grinning:

You are correct! Semantic HTML is preferred over non-semantic for several reasons.

As you said it helps with SEO as web crawlers can read the code much easier, and tell how the page is built and what it contains.

Semantic HTML is also useful because the code is also easier for humans to read. If you are working on it or give the code to a friend or co-worker, than it is much easier to understand.
When paired with proper indentation, white space, and comments, it makes for a very ‘clean’ code.

I would guess that the solution is designed to just show the basics of what needs to be done to get the target page, in case you get stuck, and still gives the opportunity to build on it.

Thank you very much for your reply @8-bitgaming ! I wanted to make sure that I was on track using the Semantic HTML. I just need to get better at commenting. I think I have the indentation and white space down a bit :wink:

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