Self closing tags, confused about slash (/) and type attribute


I am so confused about self closing tags.

In one of first lessons we are learning that all self closing tags (tags which don't have closing tags, am I right?) have slash (/) at the end.

But whats with the link tag which obviously don't have closing tag and in your lesson and all over tutorials and explanations it doesn't have slash (/) at the end. Why is that? Can someone know that fact?

Also, I am interested in why you learning us that type attribute is needed, when HTML5 doesn't need type attribute in link attribute? Am I right?

Thanks in advance!

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the / for self closing tag is for XML, html5 can do perfectly without:

<img src="#">

perfect valid html5 syntax

this course was released before html5, before html5, type was mandatory. Now its not anymore


Thanks, stetim94! I supposed that, but wanted to ask.


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