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I try to passed this exercice but even if I tried on different browser (IE, chrome, firefox) I can't validate.

I received this message in french : oups, merce de réessayer. L'objet ne gère pas la propriété ou la méthode cacher.

Here is the code and it works (i can't validate it)

$(document).ready(function() {
$('button').click(function() {



could you add a semi-colon ; at the end of the line $('.vanish').fadeOut('slow') ?
I hope this will help


no it doesn't work.

Here I have this message : Oups, merci de réessayer. $e(...).a.cacher is not a function :frowning:


and if you replace the ' by " inside the brackets for button and vanish?
$('button') becomes $("button")
$('.vanish') becomes $(".vanish")


not, not yet :frowning:

I think I'va tried almost all possibilities :frowning:

I can't passed this exercice.


Hi Michèle,

Your code works perfectly fine for me, in the English version of the course. I think this is just a problem with the French version :confused:


and is it possible to switch between version?


@miniil Yes, but progress doesn't carry over, so if you do it in the English version, the English version won't show any of your progress, and the French version won't show any of the stuff you did in the English version :confused:
I'd recommend just moving on to the next exercise (Ctrl/Cmd + P or through the hamburger menu in the lower-left corner), and being content with that exercise not getting completed.

Sorry, I know this isn't ideal :confused:


if there is nothing to do ... :slightly_smiling:

thanks for your help and time.


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