Seeking Voluntary Remote Work Experience in Front-end or Back-end Development

Hello everyone,

I am currently seeking an opportunity to gain professional experience, be it in Front-end or Back-end development. Having dedicated more than three years to self-directed study on Codecademy and other online platforms, I have accrued substantial knowledge and skills. However, in my country, it’s quite challenging to secure employment without some preliminary experience.

Therefore, I am looking for an opportunity to volunteer in a remote role. At this stage, I am not seeking a salary. My primary aim is to gain practical experience that I can showcase on my LinkedIn profile to potential recruiters. I need this experience to demonstrate my capabilities.

Throughout my learning journey, I have completed numerous courses, including software engineering, a field known for its comprehensiveness and depth. At present, I am 70% through to becoming a full-stack developer and am still ardently studying, as this is my passion.

I have worked on dozens of projects, demonstrating my knowledge and skills. If you have an opportunity, regardless of what it may be, I am eager and committed to seizing it to its fullest potential.

Please feel free to contact me with any Front-end or Back-end development opportunities, or even advice. I want to clarify that I am not seeking compensation, but rather a chance to gain valuable experience.


GitHub: felpsg (Felipe Gonçalves) (

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.