Seeking help in java


I am totally new to the world of programming. I am currently stuck on exercise 11 in getting started with java program.
I am supposed to write the string "im coding like a champ" then find the length of the string using .length then compare the strings length to see if it is greater than 10
have tried plenty of variations but cant seem to get this one


First of all, java is not javascript.

and secondly how far are you with your code?


I did not know that thank you.
I am up to this point exactly (#11)
just started today :smile:


What have you written down? Its hard to instruct if i can not see your code.
I can see you know how to write down the string. You also know the method to calculate the length of the string.
Now for the comparison if the length is greater than 10 you use one of these:

x < y - x is smaller than y
x > y - x is greater than y