Seeking feedback of US Medical Insurance Costs Project

Hi everyone, my name is Pablo and I’m seeking feedback about US Medical Insurance Costs Project.
I made this project pretty straightforward using python functions, lists and Dictionaries.
I was thinking that using Python Classes the project would be kind of hard to understand so that is why I was just using functions to find averages.
The scope of my project was the same questions I found on the Hint.

Please let me know how my code looks like and how I can inprove it.
Also, if there is a very interesting question I can add to the scope, let my know.

This is the link of my project on Github :point_down:


Hey Pablo I really liked your take on the average age for someone who has at least one child. It got me thinking of “what’s the average of people who has only one child?”
Anyway, congratz!


Thanks Lucas for take sometime and read my code. I updated my code to answer your question, so the average age of someone who has only one child is 39 years old. Seems like this value apply in most cases for the southeast region since the majority of data are from that part of US.
Have a happy coding day!


I am Judy Ping McCormick from Melbourne. Started learning coding 45 days ago.

When I first started attacking this US medical insurance costs project, it was quite daunting. But after I finished, I was fired up, and kept on doing more analysis, eg different BMI for female smokers and non_smokers, to see if it is a myth that smoking makes you slim.

However, I do have challenges with ‘class’, would like to create class for male, female, smoker and non, and different region classes, need feedback/help on this frontier. Below is my work, like to hear your opinion.

Hello community my name is Alberto I am from Yucatan Mexico.
I just finished the US Medical Insurance Cost Project and I am not sure if there could be an easier way.
I would appreciate any feedback on the matter.
I’ve created and class and methods to do this.
I was not sure exactly what to analize so I made up some goals.
Here is my code.