Seeking Feedback for My Project

I found this project to be somewhat easy, though I did challenge myself to program using classes instead of functions, something that I sometimes struggle to do. I would say this project took me about 2 hours to complete.

Here is the link to my repository:

I also took the liberty of making a second notebook to further analyze and draw conclusions from the data.

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In your first notebook, You seem to have literally just copied the sample solution with very little change in code and adding different markdown text. That’s not good for practice.
About the Second notebook, I don’t know about pandas, etc. So if you did that on your own it’s great but if you copied that too, trust me you will have a hard time programming.
Thank You and Happy Coding!

I have looked to both notebooks. In the second notebook you wrote to mucho code to find the count the smokers per region. By using groupby and passing a list it is done easier and with less code.

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